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         Product Description

Mercury Glass Hurricanes.

Filled with candlelight or dried botanicals, our Distressed Mercury Glass Hurricanes add vintage style to a room.


  • Mercury glass in a Silver/Gold finish.

  • Votive: 2.5"diam. x 3.75"h.

  • Small: 4"diam. x 5"h.

  • Medium: 4.25"diam. x 8"h.

  • Large: 5"diam. x 10.5"h.

         Product Description

Dots Mercury Hurricanes

Cast a romantic glow. The mercury glass edges on these hurricanes are lined with grout, creating a subtle pattern when lit from within.

  • Votive: 2.75"diam. x 2.5"h.

  • Small Hobnail: 4"diam. x 4"h.

  • Medium Hobnail: 5"diam. x 8"h.

  • Medium Striped: 6"diam. x 10"h.

  • Large Striped: 6"diam. x 14"h.

         Product Description

Create a radiant atmosphere with these votives that create an inviting mercury glow. Bunch them on a stack of books, console or an end table.


  • Mercury glass.

  • Bubble: 2.5"diam. x 2.75"h.

  • Dented: 2.75"diam. x 3"h.

  • Hexagon: 3.25"diam. x 3.25"h.

  • Ice: 2.25"diam. x 3.25"h.

  • Multi: 2.5"diam. x 3"h.

  • Rings: 2.5"diam. x 2.75"h.

         Product Description

Thick molten glass is blown into a mold that's lined with a white plastic mesh to create these geometric, patterned hurricanes. Filled with candlelight, they emit a cool, reflective glow in a beautiful grid pattern.


  • Glass and plastic mesh.

  • Sold individually.

  • Small: 5.9"diam. x 7.9"h.

  • Medium: 5.9"diam. x 11.8"h.

  • Large: 7.9"diam. x 18.1"h.

         Product Description

Hang these stained glass-inspired lanterns inside or outside, to bring a gorgeous, colorful glow to your space.


  • Metal and glass in Blue/Green/Gold.

  • Candles sold separately.

  • Votive: 3.25"diam. x 4"h.

  • Tall Tapered: 7"diam. x 13"h.

  • Small Square: 6.5"sq. x 9.5"h.

         Product Description

Silvery style. These shapely Curved Mercury Vases' organic silhouettes look great solo or clustered together and filled with branches and botanicals.


  • Glass.

  • Mercury finish.

  • For decorative use only. Do not fill with water.

  • Tall: 7"diam x 17"h.

  • Wide: 9"diam x 13.5"h.

  • Flared Tall: 6"diam x 13"h.

  • Flared Small: 5.5"diam x 9"h

         Product Description

Textured Mercury Vases

Mercury marvels. These gently textured Mercury Vases are crafted of frosted mercury glass with tops finished in gold for a touch of texture. Gather a few together to create a lively centrepiece.

  • Glass.

  • Mercury finish.

  • For decorative use only. Do not fill with water.

  • Small: 14diam x 14.5h cm.

  • Medium: 15diam x 18h cm.

  • Tall: 18diam x 29h cm.

         Product Description

Mercury Glass Pillar Holder

Create a dramatic display of silver and candlelight. Our elongated pillar holders have a sculptural design that mixes the classic turnings of woodwork with a square base and seamless stainless steel top.

  • Small: 5.5" square, 6.5" high

  • Medium: 5.5" square, 9" high

  • Large: 5.5" square, 14.5" high

  • X-Large: 5.5" square, 21" high

  • Blown glass has antique silver finish.

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